Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 330

Q- Which of the following markers identifies B lymphocytes in a blood sample treated with different fluorescent-labeled antibodies?

A- CD3

B- CD4

C- CD8

D- CD19

D- CD19

Q- A patient with a history of diabetes presents with dark bronze skin pigmentation and multiple arthralgia. Which of the following would be detected in a joint aspirate?

A- Copper

B- Hemosiderin

C- Monosodium urate crystals

D- Negatively birefringent particles

B- Hemosiderin

Q- Which of the following is characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease?

A- Lewy bodies

B- Negri bodies

C- Neurofibrillary tangles

D- Nuclear atypia

C- Neurofibrillary tangles

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