Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 358

Q- Which of the following is responsible for the wrinkled appearance of the scrotum?

A- Dartos fascia

B- Pampiniform plexus

C- Thickened keratinized epithelium

D- Tunica albuginea

A- Dartos fascia- It is the reason of pigmented, wrinkled appearance of the scrotum. Other options are far wrong. 

Q- Which of the following is a serious complication of ergotamine?

A- Depression

B- Headache

C- Hypotension

D- Prolonged vasospasm

D- Prolonged vasospasm- This is the most dangerous side effect that can lead to coronary vasoconstriction. 

Q- Regulation of which of the following regions is mostly dependent on extrinsic nerves?

A- Large intestine

B- Lower esophagus

C- Small intestine

D- Upper esophagus

D- Upper esophagus- This region is the only one listed that has no intrinsic activity and composed of striated muscles so, it is dependant on extrinsic nerve supply. 

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