Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 370

Q- A 12-year-old girl is brought to the emergency room with her parents. Consent form the parents is needed to proceed with the treatment. The parents speak Spanish and very little English. What is the best next step of action?

A- Find any Spanish-speaking person in the clinic to interpret the instructions

B- Speak to the boy to find out if he speaks English, and if he does, explain the instructions to him.

C- Try your best to explain the treatment plan to them

D- Use electronic interpreting device to translate the instructions

D- Use electronic interpreting device to translate the instructions- They need to know exactly the instructions before they sign the consent.

Q- Which of the following types of protein is encoded by the P53 gene?

A- Caspase

B- DNA repair enzyme

C- Transcription factor

D- Tyrosine kinase

C- Transcription factor- P53 is a transcription factor regulates apoptosis. It prevents cells from undergoing division. Mutation in it causes uncontrolled cell division.

Q- Failure of degeneration of the urachus may lead to which of the following defects?

A- Bladder adenocarcinoma

B- Bladder exstrophy

C- Polycystic kidney disease

D- Renal agenesis

A-Bladder adenocarcinoma- Persistent urachus creates a fistula between the bladder and umbilicus and gives rise to cysts which are potential sites of bladder adenocarcinoma.

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