USMLE Review- 5

Q- Which one of the following liver disorders occurs due to hepatic vein thrombosis?

A- Alcoholic hepatitis

B- Budd-Chiari syndrome

C- Fatty liver

D- Pyogenic liver abscess

B- Budd-Chiari syndrome- This leads to severe venous congestion due to hepatic vein thrombosis predisposed by neoplasms, pregnancy or polycythemia vera.

Q- Administration of which one of the following substances most likely reverses the course of Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome?

A- Niacin

B- Riboflavin

C- Thiamine

D- Vitamin K

C- Thiamine- Its deficiency is commonly seen in alcoholics and leads to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome. Thiamine administration dramatically reverses its symptoms.

Q- Which of the following types of necrosis occurs in abscesses and brain infarcts?

A- Caseous necrosis

B- Coagulative necrosis

C- Fibrinoid necrosis

D- Liquefaction necrosis

D- Liquefaction necrosis- This type occurs also in pancreatic necrosis as well as abscesses and brain infarcts. A- Occurs in TB. B- Occurs in heart, liver and kidney infarction and C- Occurs in acute immunological injuries.

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