Pathology MCQs- 10

Q- Which one of the following may precipitate to an acute porphyria attack?

A- High carbohydrate diet

B- Low carbohydrate diet

C- Mediterranean diet

D- Vegetarian diet

B- Low carbohydrate diet- Low calorie, low carbohydrate diet may precipitate to acute attack while high carbohydrate diet may decrease the risk of acute attack.

Q- Which one of the following conditions is characterized by high blood pressure, hypokalemia and elevated renal potassium?

A- Fanconi syndrome

B- Liddle syndrome

C- Tay-sachs disease

D- Waardenburg syndrome

B- Liddle syndrome- It is a hereditary disease occurs early in life and known by severe hypertension in an early age.

Q- In a case of esophageal dysphagia, which one of the following is considered a mechanical obstruction versus motility disorder?

A- Achalasia

B- Chagas disease

C- Diffuse esophageal spasm

D- Extrinsic compression

D- Extrinsic compression- caused by different abnormalities such as enlarged left atrium, aortic aneurysm or aberrant subclavian artery. Other choices are motility disorders.

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