Medical Question of the Day- 47

A 32-year-old woman who is recently divorced visits her physician for visual disturbances. The patient complains of trouble vision for 3 days. On examination, tunnel vision is detected along with marked weakness of planter flexion although the patient can walk on her tiptoes without any complaint. All laboratory tests and imaging studies are normal. What … Read more

Medical Question of the Day- 46

A 6-year-old girl is brought to her pediatrician by her mother for consultation. She said that her daughter is frequently bumping into chairs while walking or playing. On examination, she is found to have bitemporal hemianopia. CT scan shows calcification in the pituitary fossa. What is the most likely diagnosis of this condition? A-Choriocarcinoma B-Craniopharyngioma … Read more

Medical Question of the Day- 44

A 69-year-old man presents to the clinic with his wife for evaluation of his memory problem. His wife tells you that her husband has begun to forget recent events insidiously since last year. He forgets recent conversations and recent appointments. He is no longer able to manage his checkbook and daily budget as he used … Read more

Medical Question of the Day- 43

A 27-year-old man complains of 2-week history of watery diarrhea and 5 lb. weight loss. He had no similar episodes in the past, did not travel recently, did not eat out or take antibiotics. He quit smoking last month after 1 PPD for 5 years.  His family history is significant of some relatives who are … Read more