Anatomy MCQs- 7

Q- Which one of the following joints is the only articulation between the upper limb and the trunk? A- Acromioclavicular joint B- Coracoclavicular joint C- Glenohumeral joint D- Sternoclavicular joint Q- A patient is diagnosed with posterior dislocation of the hip. Which one of the following ligaments is most likely torn? A- Iliofemoral ligament B- … Read more

Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Anatomy MCQs- 5

Q- During development, hypothalamus arises from which one of the following structures? A- Diencephalon B- Mesencephalon C- Metencephalon D- Telencephalon Q- Which one of the following muscles is most likely at risk due to injury of the pelvic floor during delivery of a large-size baby? A- Coccygeus B- Iliococcygeus C- Pubococcygeus Q- Which one of … Read more

Anatomy MCQs- 2

Q- Which of the following leukocytes have nuclei of 3-5 lobes and azurophilic light-pink small granules in their cytoplasm? A- Basophils B- Monocytes C- Neutrophils D- Plasma cells Q- The pericardial cavity is a space lies between which of the following structures? A- Epicardium and myocardium B- Epicardium and pericardium C- Parietal fibrous pericardium and … Read more

Anatomy MCQs- 1

Q- Anterior spinal artery arises from which of the following arteries? A- Basilar artery B- External carotid artery C- Internal carotid artery D- Vertebral artery Q- Sensations to the external auditory meatus is innervated by which of the following nerves? A- Auriculotemporal nerve B- Great auricular nerve C- Facial nerve D- Vagus nerve Q- Bicornuate … Read more