Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 38

Q- Which one of the following types of tinea (dermatophytes) most likely occurs in the inguinal area?

A-Tinea capitis

B-Tinea corporis

C-Tinea cruris

D-Tinea pedis

C-Tinea cruris- It occurs in the inguinal area and is differentiated from T. corporis by absence of the central clearing. T. capitis occurs in head and scalp. T. corporis occurs on torso and T. pedis occurs on the foot.

Q- Which one of the following situations in which parental consent for a minor is NOT required?

A-A scheduled major surgery


C-Intravenous fluids prior to surgery

D-New patient examination

B-Contraception- Pregnancy, STDs, contraception, substance abuse and emergencies can be counseled and/or treated without parental consent.

Q- Which one of the following represents the consistency and reproducibility of a test?

A-Accuracy (validity)

B-Precision (reliability)

B-Precision (reliability)- It also represents the absence of random variation. Accuracy represents the trueness of test measurements.

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