USMLE Q Bank Step 2 CK- 406

A 35-year-old man with a history of Marfan syndrome presents to the emergency room complaining of chest pain radiating to his upper back between shoulder blades. His blood pressure is 170/90 mmHg in his right arm and 90/60 in left arm. His pulse is 98/min. Cardiac examination reveals regular rhythm with diastolic murmur on the … Read more

USMLE Q Bank Step 2 CK- 405

A 19-year-old man is referred to the clinic for a positive purified protein derivative (PPD) test for tuberculosis. He moved to the United States from Egypt 2 years ago and has been in a good health. He has no history of fever, cough, weight loss or night sweats. He has no family history or contacts … Read more

USMLE Q Bank Step 2 CK- 404

A 25 year old woman presents to her physician at 28 weeks of gestation with general itching for one week. Itching is worse at night and more prominent at soles and palms. She has no history of allergy or dermatological diseases. She is compliant with regular examinations and her pregnancy is uncomplicated. Her physical and … Read more

USMLE Q Bank Step 2 CK- 403

A 64 year-old woman complains of continuous chest pain for 20 minutes. It started suddenly during a stressful meeting. Her pain is dull, aching in nature and 9/10 in severity. She had several episodes of chest pain in the past that starting after exertion and resolving by rest. She was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes … Read more

USMLE Q Bank Step 2 CK- 402

A 34 year-old man with one week history of sore throat presents today for fever, hoarseness, difficulty breathing and drooling. On physical examination, his temperature is 102.3f and has inspiratory stridor. What is the most preferred next action for this patient? A-Admit to the intensive care unit B-Prescribe broad spectrum antibiotic C-Throat swab and culture … Read more