Medical Question of the Day- 19

An 18-year-old male complains of nausea and slight icterus for 2 weeks. Medical, surgical and family histories are unremarkable. Physical examination reveals slight jaundice and tenderness on the right upper side of the abdomen. Laboratory findings include positive IgM anti-HAV and marked elevation of ALT and AST levels.

What is the appropriate management of this patient at this time?

A- Acyclovir

B- Famciclovir

C- HBV vaccine

D- Interferon alfa

E- Supportive treatment


This is a 2-step question which is common in USMLE and other board examinations. The first step is to find the diagnosis which is viral hepatitis A, confirmed by positive IgM anti-HAV. The other step is management which is supportive treatment. Acute hepatitis A is a self-limited disease and complete recovery occurs in most patients. Other answer choices are not treatment options for acute hepatitis A infection.

The correct answer is E

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