Medical Question of the Day- 28

An 82-year-old man is brought to the clinic by his son who is concerned about his father’s mental status. He told you that his father has recently become more forgetful and angry. He doesn’t remember recent events and he gets frustrated when he fails to complete simple tasks. On examination, the patient is unkempt. His vital signs are within normal limits. Mini-mental status test scores 12/30. MRI of the brain shows some areas of degeneration in the temporal lobe.

What is the most appropriate treatment of this condition?

A – Citalopram

B – Fluoxetine

C – Metoclopramide

D – Donepezil

E – Diazepam


This patient has dementia, most likely Alzheimer’s disease. The drug of choice is donepezil. Other choices have no rule in the treatment or improvement of this patient’s mental status.

The correct answer is D

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  1. Welcome Diamond. The medical knowledge in this website is really easy to understand and it helps you in your career.

  2. Donepezil (Lipid soluble cholinesterase inhibitor) crosses BBB & used for symptomatic relief because cholinergic neurons one of the first types of neurons lost in Alzheimer’s disease.

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