Medical Question of the Day- 39

A 16-year-old high school student presents to the office with her mother for consultation. Her mother admits that her daughter is sad because she broke up with her friend recently. Yesterday, she tried to cut her wrist but her brother screamed and they stopped her. The girl does not make eye contact and her head is bent down through the interview. She tells the doctor that she does not want to live anymore. She refuses to answer any question and declined physical examination.

What is the most appropriate next step of management for this patient?

A- Admit to the hospital

B- Refer to the psychiatric clinic next day

C- Refer to the social worker

D- Prescribe antidepressant and follow up in a week

E- Advise family that it is a normal reaction and keep an eye on her


The role of thumb in cases of suicide attempts is hospitalization and everything else would come after that. This is a common question in all steps of USMLE and you will see this case a lot in practice. Any interaction other than admission to the hospital is considered a high liability and will lead to a lawsuit.

The correct answer is A

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