Pathology MCQs- 2

Q- A young female presents with areas of erythema and itching over the skin of her hands, arms and legs two hours after she ate nuts. Which of the following immunological reactions is the most likely responsible?

A- Anaphylaxis

B- Cell mediated hypersensitivity

C- Complement activity

D- Immune complex deposition

A- Anaphylaxis- This is a case of type 1 hypersensitivity which is characterized by IgE, mast cells and histamine release. It can progress to anaphylactic shock. Other immunological reactions are involved with other types of hypersensitivity.

Q- Release of which of the following chemical mediators results in pain in cases of acute inflammation?

A- Complement C3b

B- Histamine

C- Prostaglandin

D- Serotonin

C- Prostaglandin- Release of prostaglandin and bradykinin is responsible for pain in acute inflammation. Aspirin inhibits cyclooxygenase pathway which decreases prostaglandin synthesis and improves symptoms.

Q- Which of the following predicts better prognosis in cases of breast cancer?

A- Family history of breast cancer

B- No metastases in the nearest lymph nodes

C- Positive estrogen receptor

D- Tumor stage 2

B- No metastases in the nearest lymph nodes- low stage breast cancer is successfully treatable.

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