Pathology MCQs- 3

Q- An old man complains of progressive back pain and joints pain for 10 years. There is enlargement in distal interphalangeal joints, osteophytes on the vertebral bodies and sclerosis with narrowing of multiple joint spaces.

What is your diagnosis?

A- Gout

B- Osteoarthritis

C- Osteomyelitis

D- Rheumatoid arthritis

B- Osteoarthritis- It is a common progressive condition in old age. It shows erosion and joint space narrowing with osteophytes.

Q- A middle-aged woman presents with stabbing chest pain radiates to the back. She has a history of Marfan syndrome and poorly controlled hypertension.

What is your diagnosis?

A- Aortic dissection

B- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

C- Myocardial infarction

D- Pericarditis

A- Aortic dissection- It is very common with Marfan syndrome due to a tear in aortic intima results from cystic medial necrosis.

Q- A young man presents to the ER with a head injury. He lost his consciousness after the accident but he is alert now. A CT scan shows convex-shaped area of hemorrhage over the left parietal region.

Which of the following structures is the most likely injured due to this accident?

A- Cavernous sinus

B- Inferior cerebral artery

C- Middle meningeal artery

D- Superior cerebellar artery

C- Middle meningeal artery- This is a case of epidural hematoma due to damage of middle meningeal artery caused by the accident. It is an emergency and should be treated instantly to avoid death or other complications.

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