Pharmacology MCQs- 284

Q- Which one of the following effects is correlated to direct beta1-adrenoreceptor stimulation?

A- Bradycardia

B- Bronchodilation

C- Tachycardia

D- Vasoconstriction

C- Tachycardia- Beta 1 affects the heart causing tachycardia while Beta 2 stimulation leads to bronchodilation.

Q- Which of the following is the most likely cause of death in cases of overdose of hypnotics?

A- Cerebral edema

B- Depression of the medullary respiratory center

C- Hypothermia

D- Status epilepticus

B- Depression of the medullary respiratory center- Overdose of hypnotics can cause drowsiness, ataxia, stupor, coma and fatal central respiratory arrest.

Q- Which one of the following antipsychotics has higher affinity to both dopamine and serotonin receptors?

A- Clozapine

B- Fluphenazine

C- Haloperidol

D- Thioridazine

A- Clozapine- It is the only one listed that has affinity to both types of receptors.

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