Pathology MCQs- 8

Q- An old patient with a history of a 2-week blunt trauma to his thigh develops an area of yellow-brown color at the site of injury. Which one of the following substances is responsible for this color?

A- Bilirubin

B- Hemosiderin

C- Lipofuscin

D- Melanin

B- Hemosiderin- It is developed from the iron component of hemoglobin released from destruction of red blood cells at the site of injury.

Q- Which one of the following parts of the heart is the major consumer of oxygen and requires the best blood supply?

A- Left atrium

B- Left ventricle

C- Right atrium

D- Right ventricle

B- Left ventricle- It is the major site of myocardial infarction as it needs the highest amount of oxygen and nutrients.

Q- Which one of the following conditions is most likely affects the lungs of a patient with Parkinsonism?

A- Atherosclerosis

B- Arteriosclerosis

C- Embolism

D- Thrombosis

C- Embolism- It is the most common condition due to frequent immobilization of patients with Parkinsonism. Other conditions are rare in general.   

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  1. Aminu Babangida

  2. Dr Joseph, you are absolutely right but infection is not in the choices. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Most common lung pathology in Parkinsons is pneumonia; embolism is second

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