Pharmacology MCQs- 299

Q- Administration of which one of the following medications can lead to the development of hemolytic anemia?

A- Hydralazine

B- Propranolol

C- Quinidine

D- Verapamil

C- Quinidine- It is the only one on the list can cause hemolytic anemia through the formation of an immune complex and destruction of RBCs. Hydralazine may lead to lupus-like syndrome but not hemolytic anemia.

Q- The effect of two medications is greater than the sum of their individual effects explains which of the following drug interactions?

A- Additive

B- Permissive

C- Synergistic

D- Tachyphylaxis

C- Synergistic- Additive means that the effect of the two are equal to the sum of their effects. It is permissive when one medication is required for the full effect of the other one. Tachyphylaxis is the decrease of effect after initial or repeated administration.

Q- Which one of the following cholinomimetic agents is used in the challenge test for diagnosis of asthma?

A- Bethanechol

B- Carbachol

C- Methacholine

D- Pilocarpine

C- Methacholine- It stimulates muscarinic receptors in the airways when inhaled.

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