Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 283

A 21-year-old Chinese student presents to the clinic for her pre-college physical examination. She tells her physician that she is worried about a solid mass in the roof of her mouth for about 3 years. The patient does not smoke or drink alcohol. She did not lose or gain weight in the last 3 years. On local examination, there is 1.5 inch non-tender mass on her hard palate with definite edges. There are no palpable lymph nodes.

What is the most likely diagnosis of this mass?

A-Kaposi’s sarcoma of the palate

B-Lymphoproliferative disease

C-Malignant melanoma of the palate

D-Palatal abscess

E-Torus palatinus


Torus palatinus is a chronic benign bony growth on the hard palate. It is common in young women and Asians. Abscess is an acute condition and should not last that long. Other choices are all malignant and are excluded by history and examination.

The correct answer is E

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