Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 323

Q- Which one the following parts of the large intestine is extraperitoneal?

A- Cecum

B- Descending colon

C- Sigmoid colon

D- Transverse colon

B- Descending colon

Q- Which of the following is the mode of inheritance of cystic fibrosis?

A- Autosomal dominant

B- Autosomal recessive

C- X-linked dominant

D- X-linked recessive

B- Autosomal recessive

Q- Primitive spermatogenic germ cells are located in which one of the following sites?

A- Interstitium of the testes

B- Seminal vesicles

C- Seminiferous tubules

D- Vas deferens

B- Seminal vesicles

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  1. Seminiferous tubules

  2. Basement membrane of seminiferous tubules

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