Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 350

Q- Which of the following conditions is considered a physiological change for normal pregnancy?

A- Decreased blood volume

B- Decreased body weight

C- Decreased GI tone and motility

D- Decreased respiratory tidal volume

C- Decreased GI tone and motility: It is the only option that decreases, others increase during pregnancy. 

Q- A decrease of J chain due to a genetic defect will cause a decrease of the which of the following?

A- Mature B lymphocytes

B- Mature T lymphocytes

C- Serum IgE

D- Serum IgM

D- Serum IgM: J chain decrease only affects IgM and IgA.

Q- A 35-year-old woman undergoes a hysterectomy. A section of one of her fallopian tubes is shown on this picture.

What is your diagnosis?

A- Chronic salpingitis

B- Ectopic pregnancy

C- Endometriosis

D- Papillary carcinoma

A- Chronic salpingitis: Proliferation and plenty of lymphocytes. No glandular, fetal or cancerous tissues. 

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