Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 352

Q- Which of the following organisms is responsible for the development of oral hairy leukoplakia in HIV patients?

A- Bartonella henselae

B- Candida albicans

C- Epstein-Barr virus

D- Human papilloma virus

C- Epstein-Barr virus- Candida can cause oral thrush while EBV causes leukoplakia on lateral tongue. 

Q- Which of the following pathological terms describes the disordered, non-neoplastic cell growth?

A- Anaplasia

B- Dysplasia

C- Metaplasia

D- Neoplasia

B- Dysplasia- Anaplasia and neoplasia have neoplastic cells while metaplasia is non-neoplastic growth but organized not, disordered. 

Q- Which of the following medications may cause acute cholestatic hepatitis?

A- Acarbose

B- Colchicine

C- Erythromycin

D- Metformin

C- Erythromycin-

C- Erythromycin is the only drug on this list that can cause hepatitis while all others can cause diarrhea.

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