Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 369

Q- A patient presents with painless scrotal mass and increased thyroid panel. Which of the following markers would be elevated in this patient?

A- Alpha-fetoprotein

B- Follicle stimulating hormone

C- Human chorionic gonadotropin

D- Lactate dehydrogenase

C- Human chorionic gonadotropin- alpha subunits of HCG and TSH are identical so, circulating HCG in large amounts stimulates the thyroid gland secretion leading to paraneoplastic hyperthyroidism.

Q- Niemann-Pick disease is characterized by deficiency of which one of the following enzymes?

A- Alpha-glucosidase

B- Arylsulfatase

C- Beta-glucosidase

D- Sphingomyelinase

D- Sphingomyelinase- This disease affects infants in the first year of life leading to mental retardation and hepatosplenomegaly.

Q- Which of the following factors most likely affects the result of a study due to awareness of study subjects that they are being studied?

A- Berkson’s bias

B- Hawthorne effect

C- Pygmalion effect

D- Recall bias

B- Hawthorne effect- It is an error due to informing the study subjects about the it so, their personal preference will negatively affect the study results.

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