Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 375

Q- A 63-year- old woman visits her physician for a follow up after a week of antibiotic therapy for acute bronchitis. Her condition is deteriorated. Her physician suggested repeating the antibiotic. The patient disagreed saying that she does not like to take the antibiotic and she did not take it as prescribed.

Which of the following is the appropriate response?

A- Do you understand the benefits of taking this medication on time?

B- I am afraid, you have to take this antibiotic otherwise, you will have more complications of the condition.

C- Why don’t you like to take this medication?

D- What side effects did you experience?

C- Why don’t you like to take this medication?- The most appropriate response is to check for the cause of not taking this specific medication. Sometimes, it happen to be the reason is big capsule that hard to swallow or bad taste..etc..

Q- A 30-year-old man is brought to the emergency room for alcohol intoxication. His blood alcohol level is 250 mg/dL. He refused to take any medications and insisted on leaving the hospital. What is the most appropriate response to this patient?

A- We cannot release you before you become sober

B- We will call the police if you don’t take treatment

C- You can leave anytime if you want

D- You have to sign consent to leave

A- We cannot release you before you become sober- The patient is considered incompetent to make a decision so, it is inappropriate to release him even with consent. Calling police is appropriate only in case of hitting staff or destroying property which is not mentioned here.

Q- A 28-week-pregnant woman visits the clinic for a prenatal visit. After examination and laboratory tests, the physician recommends administration of Rho(D) immune globulin.

Which of the following is prevented in the mother due to this treatment?

A- Development of lymphocytes B

B- Formation of antibodies to RhD

C- Hemolytic anemia

D- Postpartum infections

B- Formation of antibodies to RhD- This treatment should be given to Rh negative mothers at 28th week and at delivery to avoid erythroblastosis fetalis to the baby.  

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