Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 35

Q- Which one of the following conditions is most likely associated with ulcerative colitis?

A-Acute cholecystitis

B-Chronic cholelithiasis

C-Gallstone ileus

D-Primary sclerosing cholangitis

D-Primary sclerosing cholangitis- It is common with ulcerative colitis and leads to fibrosis of bile ducts.

Q- A 22-year-old man complains of enlarged left testicle. Serum AFP is elevated. His physician decides to perform surgery as this tumor is aggressive and not radiosensitive. Which of the following is the type of this tumor?

A-Embryonal carcinoma

B-Leydig cell tumor


D-Sertoli cell tumor

A-Embryonal carcinoma- It is the most aggressive and characterized by high level of serum AFP. Surgery is the first line of treatment as it metastasizes very early and it is not radiosensitive.

Q- A patient is treated for alcoholism by disulfiram. It makes him sick whenever he drinks alcohol. Which of the following types of classical conditioning explains this treatment?

A-Aversive conditioning



D-Systemic desensitization

A-Aversive conditioning- It occurs when a stimulus produces undesired behavior is conjugated with an aversive stimulus.

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