Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Review- 69- Pharmacology

Q- Which one of the following medications is used as sleeping pills and is considered over-the-counter preparation?

A- Fexofenadine

B- Melatonin

C- Temazepam

D- Zolpidem

B- Melatonin- It is a natural product sold over the counter to facilitate sleep. Fexofenadine is non-drowsy over the counter pills for allergy. Temazepam and zolpidem are prescribed sleeping pills.

Q- Hepatotoxicity due to overdose of acetaminophen is greatly increased in an alcoholic than in a non-alcoholic because of which one of the following?

A- Acetaminophen inhibits ethanol metabolism

B- Cirrhosis of the liver

C- Ethanol induces P450 enzymes of the liver

D- Ethanol inhibits P450 enzymes of the liver

C- Ethanol induces P450 enzymes of the liver- It induces metabolism of acetaminophen to form a toxic metabolite.

Q- Which one of the following drugs needs to be reviewed and adjusted in a cancer patient before starting treatment with 6-mercaptopurine?

A- Allopurinol

B- Loperamide

C- Meperidine

D- Scopolamine

A- Allopurinol- It is used in the treatment of gout. It prevents the formation of uric acid from purines. Metabolism of 6-MP is inhibited by allopurinol which causes toxic effects. Adjustment of doses should be done before starting cancer treatment.

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