Repeated USMLE Questions Step 2 CK- 451

Q- What are the 5 Ps of ischemia due to peripheral vascular disease?

A- Pain-Pallor-Paralysis-Polycythemia-Proteinuria

B- Pain-Pallor-Paralysis-Paresthesia-Poikilothermia

C- Pain-Pallor-Paresthesia-Proteinuria-Poikilothermia

D- Pain-Pallor-Proteinuria-Paresthesia-Paralysis

B- Pain-Pallor-Paralysis-Paresthesia-Poikilothermia

Q- Which one of the following drugs increase survival in patients with MI?

A- Metoprolol

B- Digoxin

C- Furosemide

D- Verapamil

A- Metoprolol

Q- Which one of the following metals is the most likely cause of allergic contact dermatitis especially in females?

A- Copper

B- Gold

C- Nickel

D- Silver

C- Nickel

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  1. You are absolutely right! I changed it to metoprolol. Thank you so much Dr. Asad for this information.

  2. Among Beta Blockers Metoprolol, Bisprolol and Carvidolol have documentary evidence to improve survival in Left ventricle systolic dysfunction patients… Atenolol doesn’t have sufficient evidence regarding CV outcomes in left ventricle systolic dysfunction…

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