Repeated USMLE Questions Step 2 CK- 470

Q- Which of the following is a characteristic finding in isopropanol poisoning?

A- Blindness due to ocular accumulation

B- Elevated anion gap

C- Elevated serum BUN and creatinine

D- Ketosis without acidosis

D- Ketosis without acidosis

Q- Which of the following is a major complication of central retinal veins occlusion?

A- Cataract

B- Glaucoma

C- Lens subluxation

D- Retinal detachment

B- Glaucoma

Q- Which of the following medications is a non-drowsy anti-allergic medication?

A- Cetirizine

B- Chlorpheniramine

C- Diphenhydramine

D- Loratadine

D- Loratadine

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