Repeated USMLE Questions Step 2 CK- 477

Q- Which one of the following maneuvers is recommended to deliver the baby arms in breech delivery?

A- Lovest maneuver

B- Mauriceau-Smellie-Veit maneuver

C- Pinard maneuver

D- Prague maneuver

A- Lovest maneuver

Q- Which one of the following urine electrolytes in the best to estimate extracellular fluid (ECF) volume in metabolic alkalosis?

A- Urine anion gap

B- Urine chloride

C- Urine sodium

D- Urine urea

B- Urine chloride

Q- Which one of the following tests is recommended in follow up for a patient receiving anti-tuberculous treatment (isoniazid and rifampin)?

A- Amylase and lipase tests

B- Blood glucose test

C- Liver function tests

D- Renal function tests

C- Liver function tests

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