Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- 217

Q- A patient presents to the ER with multiple episodes of tonic clonic seizures for the past hour. The patient does not recover between these episodes.

Which of the following is the treatment of choice in this condition?

A- Diazepam

B- Gabapentin

C- Phenytoin

D- Valproic acid

C- Phenytoin- This is a case of status epilepticus. The treatment of choice is phenytoin. Diazepam is the second in order. Gabapentin is for partial seizures and valproic acid is used as a regular treatment for tonic clonic seizures.

Q- A 56-year-old man with a history of type 2 diabetes presents to his physician for a follow up. He complains of recurrent hypoglycemic reactions to his medications.

Which of these medications is most likely responsible for this patient’s complaint?

A- Acarbose

B- Glyburide

D- Metformin

E- Rosiglitazone

B- Glyburide- The only medication on the list that its mechanism is to release insulin from the pancreas is glyburide. Release of insulin in type 2 diabetes causes hypoglycemic reactions. Other drugs lower blood glucose through other mechanisms i.e., euglycemic as metformin or preventing postprandial hypoglycemia as acarbose.

Q- A student’s aggression towards his family is redirected to get straight A’s in school. Which of the following defense mechanism explains this action?

A- Altruism

B- Humor

C- Sublimation

D- Suppression

C- Sublimation- It is replacing unacceptable action with another course of action that does not conflict with the person’s value system.

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