USMLE Q Bank Step 2 CK- 402

A 34 year-old man with one week history of sore throat presents today for fever, hoarseness, difficulty breathing and drooling. On physical examination, his temperature is 102.3f and has inspiratory stridor. What is the most preferred next action for this patient?

A-Admit to the intensive care unit

B-Prescribe broad spectrum antibiotic

C-Throat swab and culture

D-Serology for infectious mononucleosis

E-Ultrasonography of the neck


This patient most likely has acute epiglottitis with impending airway obstruction. This is an emergency. He needs to be admitted instantly to intensive care unit. H. influenzae is the most common cause of this case. Other options are the steps should be done later after admission to ICU. 

The correct answer is A

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