Anatomy MCQs- 1

Q- Anterior spinal artery arises from which of the following arteries?

A- Basilar artery

B- External carotid artery

C- Internal carotid artery

D- Vertebral artery

D- Vertebral artery- The bilateral vertebral arteries combine to form the anterior spinal artery at the level of foramen magnum.

Q- Sensations to the external auditory meatus is innervated by which of the following nerves?

A- Auriculotemporal nerve

B- Great auricular nerve

C- Facial nerve

D- Vagus nerve

D- Vagus nerve- A and B innervate the lobule of the auricle, facial is only motor.

Q- Bicornuate uterus results from failure of the fusion of which of the following structures?

A- Mesonephric ducts

B- Nephrogenic ridges

C- Paramesonephric ducts

D- Urogenital sinus

C- Paramesonephric ducts- Uterus is developed by the fusion of the caudal ends of the paramesonephric ducts.

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