Anatomy MCQs- 3

Q- Which one of the following parts of lymph nodes has T lymphocyte as the predominate cell?


B- Germinal center

C- Medulla

D- Paracortex

D- Paracortex- The cortex is composed of primary and secondary follicles, the germinal center contains B lymphocytes and the medulla contains plasma cells and small lymphocytes.

Q- Which of the following layers of the heart forms the cardiac valves and continues with the intima of the aorta?

A- Endocardium

B- Epicardium

C- Myocardium

D- Pericardium

A- Endocardium- The endocardium lines the lumen of the heart, forms the valves and continues as the intima of the great vessels entering and leaving the heart.

Q- Which of the following types of cells predominantly lines the conducting airways of the lung and is considered an important defense mechanism?

A- Basal cells

B- Ciliated cells

C- Endocrine cells

D- Goblet cells

B- Ciliated cells- All these cells are present in the conducting airways but the ciliated cell is the primary defense mechanism against bacteria and other foreign bodies.

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