Last Minute Tips For USMLE Test

These are some tips that will make a difference in your USMLE score and they work for all steps. These tips are collected and approved by many of the students that successfully passed USMLE on the first attempt and got the highest scores.

Please read them carefully and try to apply them as they are for your test to get a high score.

Don’t study new subjects on the last day

On the day before the test, don’t study any new subject. Just review highlights for the test and read some questions and answers without trying to answer them on your own (passive reading).


Have fun the evening before the test

All students who got a high score agreed that spending the evening of the day before the test on an activity other than studying is very helpful. You can watch a movie, hang out with friends or even read an interesting book. This will help you sleep well and organize your knowledge.


Go to bed early and don’t panic if you can’t sleep

Don’t go to bed too early or too late. Just go to bed early enough to get 8 hours of rest. Don’t drink any caffeinated beverage at least 6 hours before the time of sleep. Don’t panic if you can’t sleep. It is very common and doesn’t affect your score. But you need to be at least relaxing in bed for continuous 8 hours.

Don’t waste the 15 minutes of orientation

During your preparation for the USMLE Step 1 or Step 2 CK, you should watch the video of orientation several times to get used to the model of the test. You can find this video on the official website of USMLE practice materials. This practice will save you 15 minutes that you can add them to the break time during taking the test.


Read the scenario and the last question carefully

Don’t jump to the question without reading the scenario. Going back and forth between the question and scenario is a waste of time. During your preparation, you should read a lot of questions to improve your speed of reading and comprehension.

Try to answer the question before you read the choices

Assume an answer for the question before you read the choices and then look for it. If you find it, it will be most probably the correct answer. Then, read quickly the other choices to be sure of it.


Don’t leave any question unanswered

If you don’t know the correct answer, choose the best guess and mark it. Don’t leave it blank. There is no minus score for the wrong answer.


Don’t waste your time on hard questions

Time is very important. If you are not sure of the answer, choose the best guess. Don’t go back to the scenario and read it again. It is a waste of time. Mark the question so; you can go back to it if you have some time left after you finish all the questions of the block.


Use the break time wisely

The break time is 45 minutes. You may choose them anytime between the blocks. My recommendation is to divide them into 5 minutes between the blocks and 15 minutes after the fourth block for light lunch. After each block, don’t think of any question you answered. It is gone. You can’t change it. Think only of the fun you will have it tonight after a long tough time.


After the test

Now you are done with the test. Go home, take a shower and spend fun time with family and friends. Don’t talk or think about the test. Move on to your next goal.

Please leave in the comments box any question and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Good Luck!

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  1. thank you sir for such a simply explained advice.

  2. Thank you Aparna. I hope you pass it with a great score.

  3. I would say the best last minute tip is don’t get nervous and just relax. Read as much as you can and don’t keep testing yourself on what you read instead, read more. The more you read, the better chance to get the same information more than once which makes it easy to remember during the test. It is also important to read as much questions, answers and explanations to get familiar with the test and get used to read fast on the real exam. Finally have a good luck and I am looking forward to hear from you after the test. Thank you for your great query.

  4. Hi my name is aparna Krishnappa and I am giving my step 1 in this month end … any last minute tips which could help me out

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