Medical Question of the Day- 13

A 58-year-old woman comes to the emergency room complaining that her skin is turning yellow. The doctor performs a physical examination, which reveals that the woman is suffering from moderate jaundice. There is no abdominal pain and she also has a negative Murphy’s sign. The physician becomes concerned that he is able to feel the patient’s non-tender gallbladder. A CT scan is therefore ordered.

What could be the most likely cause of the woman’s jaundice?

A- Acute hepatitis

B- Gall bladder stones

C- Hemolytic anemia

D- Pancreatic cancer


The patient is suffering from pancreatic cancer. This is proven during the physical exam, wherein the patient demonstrates Courvoisier’s sign, that is jaundice and a palpable, non-tender, and an enlarged gallbladder. This is a commonly found in patients having cancer of the head of the pancreas, which is blocking the gallbladder from emptying its contents.

The correct answer is D

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  1. It is not the first to reply. As it is mentioned: if there is more than one correct answer, drawing will be done to choose the winner. Good luck Dr Naresh on the next questions.

  2. had the jaundice been due to stones,chronic inflammation would cause fibrosis of gallbladder leading to a nonpalpable gallbladeer: couvoisiers law…here its palpable and therefore due to periampullary cancer…ca head pancreas

  3. Pancreatic Cancer . Palpable non-tender gall bladder with painless jaundice in an old age individual is a classical presentation of Pancreatic Cancer

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