Medical Question of the Day- 30

A 22-year-old man visits the clinic for evaluation of fever, headache and dry cough for 7 days. His medical history is unremarkable and he takes no medications. He had no previous similar episodes. On examination, temperature is 101.3 F, pulse is 88/min. and blood pressure is 100/60 mmHg. On auscultation, his lungs are clear bilaterally. X-ray shows diffuse infiltration in the lower lobes of both lungs.

What is the most likely causative organism?

A – Streptococci

B – Mycobacteria

C – Mycoplasma

D – Fungi

E – Rickettsia


Mycoplasma pneumonia usually has an atypical presentation and characterized by influenza-like symptoms as fever, headache, malaise and dry cough. Diffuse infiltration in the lower lobes bilaterally differentiates Mycoplasma from the other listed organisms.

The correct answer is C

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