Obstetrics and Gynaecology MCQs- 1

Q- A pregnant woman in her third trimester was in a motor vehicle accident presets to the ER. She is stable and no uterine bleeding or contractions. Fetal heart sounds are normal and placenta is intact.

Which of the following is the best next step?

A- Blood type and Rh testing

B- Cesarean section

C- Induction of labor

D- Send her home and follow up the next scheduled visit

A- Blood type and Rh testing- RhoGAM should be given in cases of Rh –ve to avoid Rh isoimmunity.

Q- A 37-week-pregnant woman is brought to the ER for fainting, severe abdominal pain and massive vaginal bleeding. She is pale, diaphoretic, her pulse is 130 and her blood pressure is 90/60.

Which of the following is the most likely diagnosis?

A- Abruptio placenta

B- Amniotic fluid embolism

C- Placenta previa

D- Pre-eclampsia

A- Abruptio placenta- It is differentiated from previa which is painless bleeding, not painful.

Q- An athletic girl presents with amenorrhea for 3 weeks. Pregnancy test is negative and her vital signs are within normal limits.

Which is the most likely cause of this amenorrhea?

A-Estrogen deficiency

B- Progesterone deficiency

C- Testosterone deficiency

D- Thyroid hormone deficiency

A-Estrogen deficiency- Low caloric intake decreases LH and GTRH leading to low estrogen level resulting in infertility, vaginal and breast atrophies.

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