Pharmacology MCQs- 281

Q- Which one of the following actions is produced by muscarinic cholinergic agonists?

A- Activation of inhibitory G protein

B- Decreased IP3 production

C- Decreased release of intracellular calcium

D- Inhibition of phospholipase C

A- Activation of inhibitory G protein- Muscarinic cholinergic agonists activate inhibitory G protein, activate phospholipase C, and increase IP3 production and release of intracellular calcium. 

Q- Organophosphorus poisoning can be treated with which of the following agents?

A- Atenolol

B- Atropine

C- Ipratropium bromide

D- Physostigmine

B- Atropine- It blocks the action of acetyl choline peripherally and though CNS. Atenolol has no role in this case. Ipratropium bromide doesn’t penetrate BBB and physostigmine would worsen the case.

Q- Which of the following is the mechanism of action of pioglitazone in diabetic patients?

A- Decreases insulin breakdown

B- Increases glucose excretion

C- Increases glucose uptake in muscle cells

D- Increases insulin release

C- Increases glucose uptake in muscle cells- This medication does not affect insulin release or degradation but it increases glucose uptake by adipose and muscle tissues.

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