Repeated USMLE Questions Step 2 CK- Surgery- 1

Q- Which of the following is the best treatment of genuine stress incontinence?

A- Anticholinergic

B- Intermittent self-catheterization

C- Surgical repair

D- Urethropexy

D- Urethropexy- This condition occurs when the bladder neck falls out of its normal intra-abdominal location. It causes painless loss of urine. Urethropexy is preformed to return proximal urethra back to intra-abdominal position.

Q- Which of the following is considered a dynamic stabilizer of the glenohumeral joint?

A- Coracohumeral ligament

B- Glenoid fossa

C- Inferior glenohumeral ligament

D- Subscapularis muscle

D- Subscapularis muscle- It is the only dynamic stabilizer of the above choices. Other choices are static stabilizers.

Q- A young man complains of little finger numbness and difficulty gripping things. Which of the following is the affected nerve root?

A- Cervical 5

B- Cervical 6

C- Cervical 7

D- Cervical 8

D- Cervical 8- sensation of the little finger and hand grip are attributed to Cervical 8 nerve root.

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