Pathology MCQs- 4

Q- Control of diabetes is most likely determined by which one of the following laboratory tests?

A- Fasting blood glucose

B- Hemoglobin A1C

C- Random blood glucose

D- Urinary glucose content

B- Hemoglobin A1C- Diagnosis of DM can be made by testing fasting, random and urinary blood glucose but control of diabetes is best evaluated by measurement of HbA1C.

Q- Which of the following cellular pathological changes affects myocardial fibers in a case of irreversible myocardial infarction?

A- Depletion of myoglobin stores

B- Decreased intracellular pH

C- Increased cytoplasmic sodium

D- Karyorrhexis of the nuclei

D- Karyorrhexis of the nuclei- Dissolution of nuclei by karyorrhexis is irreversible. Other choices may occur but they are all reversible.

Q- An empty scrotal sac is found upon examination of a newborn male. Which of the following is the most likely abnormality?

A- Agenesis

B- Hypogonadism

C- Undescended testis

D- Venous atresia

C- Undescended testis- Incomplete descent is the most common male gonadal abnormality. Other options occur sometimes but UT is the most common condition.

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