Pharmacology MCQs- 246

Q- Which of the following is a frequent side effect of amphetamine?

A- Constipation

B- Depression

C- Diarrhea

D- Hair loss

A- Constipation

Q- Pharmacokinetics of a drug is defined as which one of the following?

A- Amount of drug needed to produce an effect

B- Effect of a drug on certain body systems

C- Reaction of the body to a drug

D- The movement of a drug within the body

D- The movement of a drug within the body

Q- Which one of the following drugs is associated the most to tardive dyskinesia after use for years?

A- Aripiprazole

B- Chlorpromazine

C- Olanzapine

D- Risperidone

B- Chlorpromazine

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  1. Dear jeevan prasad, amphetamines causes the release of excessive catecholamines which in turn reduces G.I motility, thus causing constipation

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