Pharmacology MCQs- 246

Q- Which of the following is a frequent side effect of amphetamine?

A- Constipation

B- Depression

C- Diarrhea

D- Hair loss

A- Constipation

Q- Pharmacokinetics of a drug is defined as which one of the following?

A- Amount of drug needed to produce an effect

B- Effect of a drug on certain body systems

C- Reaction of the body to a drug

D- The movement of a drug within the body

D- The movement of a drug within the body

Q- Which one of the following drugs is associated the most to tardive dyskinesia after use for years?

A- Aripiprazole

B- Chlorpromazine

C- Olanzapine

D- Risperidone

B- Chlorpromazine

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  1. Thank you Dr. Muhammad for the explanation.

  2. Dear jeevan prasad, amphetamines causes the release of excessive catecholamines which in turn reduces G.I motility, thus causing constipation

  3. No. Pharmacodynamics is the one that means reaction of the body to the drug. Thanks for your great question.

  4. Sir .pharmacokinetics means reaction of the body on the drud?

  5. I would agree if you show me your resource. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think the ans is Dirrahea. There is no cause for constipation here

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