Pharmacology MCQs- 266

Q- Which of the following medications acts to prevent cholesterol absorption at small intestine brush border?

A- Cholestyramine

B- Colestipol

C- Ezetimibe

D- Gemfibrozil

C- Ezetimibe- Cholestyramine and colestipol prevents intestinal absorption of bile acids while gemfibrozil upregulates LPL. 

Q- Alcohol is oxidized in the liver by which one of the following enzymes?

A-Alcohol decarboxylase

B- Alcohol dehydrogenase

C- Alcohol oxidase

D- Alcohol reductase

B- Alcohol dehydrogenase- It is the only real enzyme, others are distractions

Q- Which of the following is the main mechanism of action of methylergonovine in treating postpartum hemorrhage?

A- Blocking sympathetic stimulation

B- Forceful contraction of myometrium

C- Instant blood coagulation

D- Strong vasoconstriction

B- Forceful contraction of myometrium- It is a strong vasoconstrictor but myometrial contraction is dominant 

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