Pharmacology MCQs- 270

Q- Which of these medications is the most appropriate treatment of malignant hyperthermia?

A- Acetaminophen

B- Dantrolene

C- Ibuprofen

D- Indomethacin

B- Dantrolene- It is the only approved drug out of this list that improves malignant hyperthermia 


Q- Which one of the following medications is the best recommended for induction of medical abortion?

A- Ergotamine

B- Estrogen

C- Mifepristone

D- Progesterone

C- Mifepristone- It called abortion pill which blocks the action of progesterone and stops pregnancy. Ergotamine can cause abortion as a side effect but it is not used therapeutically for medical abortion


Q- Which one of the following is the best treatment of trigeminal neuralgia?

A- Carbamazepine

B- Fluoxetine

C- Methylphenidate

D- Riboflavin

A- Carbamazepine- It is the only one on the list effective to subsides trigeminal neuralgia 


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