Pharmacology MCQs- 273

Q- A certain drug has a high serum protein binding. Which of the following is increased as a result of injecting this drug?

A- Distribution of the drug

B- Drug interaction

C- Liver metabolism

D- Renal excretion

B- Drug interaction- Distribution of the drug to tissue, liver and kidney will decrease while drug interaction with other drug receptors’ protein will increase resulting in drug interaction.

Q- Administration of spironolactone and furosemide leads to which of the following?

A- Increase potassium loss

B- Reduce magnesium loss

C- Reduce potassium loss

D- Reduce sodium loss

C- Reduce potassium loss- Spironolactone is a K-sparing diuretic which will reduce K loss effect of thiazide diuretics. 

Q- Which of the following benefits is achieved as a result of adding progesterone to estrogen in HRT?

A- Decrease bone resorption

B- Decrease the effect of estrogen on the breast

C- Decrease the occurrence of endometrial cancer

D- Increase the effect of estrogen on the heart

C- Decrease the occurrence of endometrial cancer

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