Pharmacology MCQs- 278

Q- A liposomal preparation of which one of the following medications may reduce the incidence of renal toxicity?

A- Acyclovir

B- Amphotericin B

C- Ketoconazole

D- Vancomycin

B- Amphotericin B- It decrease creatinine clearance leading to renal toxicity which can be reduced by using a liposomal preparation of amphotericin B.

Q- Which of the following medications is the most effective immunosuppressant in cases of organ transplantation?

A- Azathioprine

B- Cyclophosphamide

C- Cyclosporine

D- Vinblastine

C- Cyclosporine- It is specific T-cell inhibitor so, it is protective against organ rejection.

Q- Which of the following is the mechanism of action of metoprolol in angina?

A- Reduces production of epinephrine

B- Reduces requirement of the heart for oxygen

C- Increases central venous pressure

D- Increases peripheral resistance

B- Reduces requirement of the heart for oxygen- Beta blockers lowers heart rate, blood pressure and contractility without affecting cardiac output and all these lead to reduction of requirement for myocardial oxygen

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