Repeated USMLE Questions Step 1- Pharmacology- 290

Q- Which of the following antibiotics is the most appropriate one to treat a case of Legionella pneumonia?

A- Clindamycin

B- Ciprofloxacin

C- Metronidazole

D- Vancomycin

B- Ciprofloxacin- It is the treatment of choice in this case. Legionella is acquired from inhalation of contaminated air coming from central air conditioning in big buildings or respiratory therapy equipment. It usually affects older males and is more severe in smokers, alcoholics, diabetics and immunosuppressed patients.

Q- Which of the following medications should be given to a patient that exhibits severe adverse reactions after administration of IV midazolam?

A- Flumazenil

B- Glucagon

C- Naloxone

D- Protamine

A- Flumazenil- It is used to treat toxicity of benzodiazepines such as midazolam. B-is used in beta blocker overdose, C in opioid toxicity and D in heparin overdose.

Q- Which of the following is the best immediate treatment for unresponsive patient with diabetic ketoacidosis?

A- Bicarbonate

B- Insulin and glucose

C- Metformin

D- Observation and hospitalization

B- Insulin and glucose- The goal of this treatment is to increase the rate of glucose utilization by insulin-dependent tissues.

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