Pharmacology MCQs- 291

Q- A 58-year-old man takes verapamil for hypertension and angina. Which of the following is a common adverse effect of high dose of this drug?

A- Constipation

B- Diarrhea

C- Hyperglycemia

D- Sexual dysfunction

A- Constipation- This is a common side effect of calcium channel blockers and could be dose limiting. Other side effects are hypotension, bradycardia and peripheral edema.

Q- Which of the following drugs improves skeletal muscle spasm by acting inside the muscle cell?

A- Botulinum toxin

B- Dantrolene

C- Diazepam

D- Tubocurarine

B- Dantrolene- It reduces calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum. A acts on cholinergic nerve endings. C acts on the brain and spinal cord while D acts on neuromuscular junction.

Q- Which one of the following drugs may cause parkinsonism-like adverse effect?

A- Clozapine

B- Haloperidol

C- Olanzapine

D- Quetiapine

B- Haloperidol- although it is a potent and effective antipsychotic, it also have a lot of side effects such as parkinsonism-like effects. Others are atypical antipsychotics with less side effects.

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