Pharmacology MCQs- 295

Q- Which one of the following anti-Parkinsonism medications should be avoided in patients with glaucoma?

A- Bromocriptine

B- Levodopa

C- Selegiline

D- Trihexyphenidyl

D- Trihexyphenidyl- It is contraindicated in cases of glaucoma due to its anticholinergic activity.

Q- Which one of the following intravenous anesthesia has antiemetic action?

A- Fentanyl

B- Ketamine

C- Propofol

D- Thiopental

C- Propofol- It has antiemetic action but it is not indicated in cases of emesis due to its major side effects.

Q- Interferon alpha is indicated for the treatment of which one of the following conditions?

A- Bullous pemphigoid

B- Hepatitis C virus infection

C- Kidney transplantation

D- Rheumatoid arthritis

B- Hepatitis C virus infection- It is also used in leukemia, melanoma, Kaposi sarcoma and condyloma accuminata.

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