Pharmacology MCQs- 301

Q- Which one of the following is the most common cause of non-adherence to administration of prescribed drugs?

A- Fear of addiction

B- Food restrictions

C- Forgetfulness

D- Frequent dosing


The correct answer is D

All the choices are common causes for non-adherence but the most common one is frequent dosing. Other common causes are denial of illness, cost and poor knowledge about drug benefits. 


Q- Which one of the following anti-acne drugs acts by induction of apoptosis in sebaceous glands?

A- Azelaic acid

B- Benzoyl peroxide

C- Isotretinoin

D- Tetracycline


The correct answer is C

The exact action of isotretinoin is unknown. Induction of apoptosis may lead to frequent side effects such as anemia and low immunity. It is also teratogenic and restricted in pregnancy.


Q– Which of the following is the main reason that acetylcholine not used in clinical practice?

A- It has a long half-life

B- It is expensive

C- It is hydrolyzed very quickly

D- It is toxic


The correct answer is C

Acetylcholine has an ultrashort half-life as it is rapidly hydrolyzed.

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