Question of the Day- 3

A scientific researcher is classifying some drugs according to their actions on different receptors.

One of these drugs binds to its receptor without producing any action.

This drug should be classified as what?



C-Partial agonist

D-Inverse agonist


When a drug binds to its receptor, it competes with other substances which normally affect this receptor causing them to be ineffective. This class of drugs is considered antagonists because they block the action of natural and synthetic agonists. Agonists and partial agonists enhance the action of their receptors either totally or partially. Inverse agonists also activate the receptors but they produce an effect opposite to the action of agonists.

The correct answer is B

The winner of the day is Alexander Reyes

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  1. Antagonist.
    Agonist produces positive effects
    Inverse agonist produce negetive effects
    Partial agonist produce partial poaitive activity
    Only antaginist block the action of receptors so ANTAGONIST is the answer

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