USMLE Q Bank Step 1- 216

You receive a phone call from the nurse of a nursing home telling you that your patient refused to take her medications for the third day. She is 75 years old, competent and has disability of both lower limbs.

What is your best response to the nurse’s concern?

A- Ask the patient for the reason of refusal and don’t force her to take her medications

B- Get help of the staff in the nursing home to force the patient to take her medications as you are responsible for any complications that could happen to her if she doesn’t take her medications.

C- Call her family and address this issue with them to find the best way to solve this problem to avoid any blame if something happens to her

D- Tell the patient that if she doesn’t take her medications then, there is no need to take any future appointments


Competent patients have the right to refuse to take their medications. Health care provider can only interfere in this situation by asking for the reason of refusal. Other choices are all false. We can’t force patients to take their medications as it is considered violation of their right to refuse medication. Calling family is considered HIPAA violation. Heath care providers have obligation to see their patients.

The correct answer is A

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  1. Answer is A

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